The Birth of a Comic

The banner for the comic Pika's Peak, showing a pika in a turtle shell pointing at a mountain to her friend a rabbit, is shown over images of the Pika's Peak display at the Abington Free Library.


Pika’s Peak is on its way! Pika’s Peak is a webcomic about friends, the family we are born to, the family we find, and the journey that connects them all. Trill is a pika setting off to find a new home for herself when her old one is threatened by climate change. Kitch is a rabbit cut loose by his family and trying to find his place in the world. And after a year of gleeful collaboration with Patch Campbell, we’re almost ready to launch! Stay tuned for an official release date.

Meanwhile, over the holidays while most folks were busy with wrapping paper and ribbon, I was busily working with exacto knives and glue putting together a Pika’s Peak display for the Abington Free Library.

Examples of the Pika's Peak display at Abington Free Library lined up on my desk at home.

A view of the Pika's Peak display at the Abington Free Library in January of 2017.The display includes several pages of the comic you can’t see anywhere else until we launch. It also includes process art and an explanation of the steps involved in making a page, as well as the evolution of our banner art and how Patch and I collaborated on creating it.

There’s also a small selection of my other illustration work, including framed originals and several soon-to-be-released notecards from my Redbubble store.

You can see the display for yourself now through January 31st! Find everything you need to know about hours and location here. For regular updates on Pika’s Peak and a soon-to-be-announced launch date, check out the Pika’s Peak Facebook page!

Akire with the Pika's Peak display case at Abington Free Library

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