Ziyal Akire poof clean foot BEST Cr1WELCOME!

Somehow you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up on my website — I’m so glad you’re here!  I am delighted to entertain your eyeballs for a bit.

I am an artist and a writer, a maker of merry messes and, truthfully, a bit of an oddball. I look for joy everywhere I can find it, and I try to spread a little of my own into the gaps where it’s missing. If I can create something that sparks some recognition in you, or makes you smile, then I will have done something worthwhile.

Professionally, I am an illustrator and designer with a background in communications. I believe that communication is really about storytelling and creating connections, and figuring out the best way to do both across a variety of media. That desire to communicate is the common thread throughout all of my work. My primary project right now is a webcomic called Pika’s Peak. I also have a gallery of notecards and other goodies available on Redbubble, and I’m currently sifting through ideas for my first picture book.

What you’ll find here is part professional portfolio, part whimsical assemblage of whatnots: doodles, digital art and design, forays into the world of traditional ink and paper, blog posts and writing samples, photos, fiber art, pyrography, and more. It’s a work in progress, as I love to try new things and there’s always more to share. I am a storyteller first and foremost, trying to sketch out the stories I see — some of them gathered from the world around me, and others sparked by some quirk of imagination.

Dig in! Read, respond, and make this a conversation. I want to know what you think, and I’d love to have your company. Join me in my little adventure!

— Akire BubarA mockingbird viewed from below as it soars through the air.

P.S. Are you on Instagram? Almost everything I draw ends up there, including a lot of WIPs so you can see my work as it’s unfolding. You can find me on InstagramGoogle+, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Swing by and say hi wherever you’re most comfortable — I’d love to hear from you!

If you are interested in commissioning artwork, contact me directly here. I can work within almost any budget, so don’t be shy! 🙂