The Value of Daily Drawing

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A traditional media line drawing done with a black brushpen on white mixed-media paper. An elaborate blossom fills most of the left side of the image, with a stem and two leaves to the right. On one of the leaves, a small ladybug watches an ant and a smiling caterpillar interact up on top of the blossom. There is a simple black border around the image, and it is signed by the artist Akire Bubar in the bottom right corner.

You would think, at this point, that I would be sure that I know how to draw reasonably well. But it’s a funny thing, that. If I go too long without drawing, I start to wonder, “do I even know how to do this?” And then if I have a crappy drawing day, as any artist does periodically, it carries a lot more weight: “Aaaauuuughhhh, I totally don’t know how to do this anymore! What made me think I could do this? Clearly I can’t do this AT ALL!”

So I aim to draw every day, and I do everything I can to make sure that’s at least five days a week, bottom line. If I do this every day, I will remember that…

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