Be a pika! Help us print the comic!

ZOMG, it has been a busy summer! I have so much to tell you!

The comic is officially launched, and you can read the whole first chapter for free here – check it out! Click the “First” button to get to the first page and read it from the beginning. Patch and I are so excited to be able to share it with you!

What’s more, we’ve managed to get a table at Small Press Expo in September to show the comic and get it out in front of a wider audience of comics fans, and hopefully introduce it to some publishers, too. They’re gonna give us nametags saying we’re real comics artists and everything! So exciting! So now Patch and I are frantically running around getting ready to do a print run of the comic. And we’re also doing magnets, posters, postcards, and a booth banner – all the exciting print materials we need to do the con right. This is super exciting!

It’s also super expensive for two artists to pull off, but here’s the thing: we’re making lots of cool stuff that you can get when you help out! For $10, you can get a print edition of the comic and a magnet. For $20, you can get two copies of the comic – one for you, one for a friend, the magnet, and a set of postcards. For $50 you get all that AND two gorgeous 11″ x 17″ posters! ANNNNND…(drumroll, please)…for $75 you can get all of that stuff PLUS we’ll do a caricature of you as a pika and publish your name and pika pic IN THE COMIC! The trick with this last perk is that the deadline is the 24th of August, which is coming up fast, and there’s only 10 spots left, so don’t hesitate — make your pledge or donation now!

For more details about how this works on Patreon, read the post I wrote about that here.  Patreon is great for you because you can support our work as artists a little bit every month – sign on at a higher tier this month to get the fancy rewards, then drop down to $1 or $2 a month next month to continue getting early access to the comic and exclusive patron-only content. It’s great for us because it provides us with a more reliable stream of income. But if making a one-time donation is better for you, we totally get that too! We’ve created a page where you can do that right here.

Either way, we really hope you’ll go take a look and read the comic at — we’re so proud of what we’ve done so far, and so eager to share it with all of you!